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Hey FOLKS, I’m Therealitchrichy, hated by millions of people throughout the world. Because I created a virus, well actually I am virus mutated inside of me making, hence forth the Richard Virus, that causes peoples bodies to itch and scratch from there scalp to their toes. And it also makes some, or should I say a good majority of people’s nose to run, and they get the sniffles, cough up film and many other symptoms. Millions upon millions of people despise me. They have my face, videos, and words of me on their computers, laptops, iPad, cell phones, etc. Worldwide in different languages. I’ve been made into an evil celebrity. And now I’m selling the long awaited for world acclaimed picture booklet. Now people don’t have to wonder about all the damage the Richard Virus caused to my skin, now they can see what’s been underneath my clothing for themselves.



Well I Starts Like This Although My Disease Was Spread Unintentionally I Still Want People To Have A Forum, Where They Can Chat out there Anger At Me Live And Direct In Realtime. At Me The Plague Man Of The World Today TheRealItchyRichy.Say What You Want On This Message Board Express Your Anger And Frustration In Words Towards Me TheRealItchyRichy. This Is Your Chance To Let It All Out No Holds Barred At Me TheRealItchRichy For A Small Fee Of $10.00. And Here Goes My Disclaimer Although I’ll Be Able To See All The Chat On This Message Board That Is Said About Me. I Won’t Be Able To Respond To All Of The Chat, Due To The Fact There Will Be An Overwhelming Amount of Chat For Me, to Be Able To Respond To, But I Will Be Able To View All Of The Messages That Is Said About Me In Real-Time On this Message Board.

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